No family should need to take out a second mortgage, or worse, set up a crowdfunding website to pay for medical bills. A person with an illness or injury should have one concern, and one concern only: getting better. Medicare for all is the only way to keep our hard earned dollars out of the clutches of private insurance companies that retain up to one third of expenditures, and back in the pockets of American people. 

Along with Medicare for all, I support the Medicare Prescription Drug Price Negotiation Act of 2017. As it stands, pharmaceutical companies are the only entities allowed to negotiate the price of prescription drugs. This prevents consumers from accessing competitively priced prescription drugs, some of which may be life saving. This crucial Act will allow the federal government to negotiate with pharmaceutical companies and ultimately lower drug costs for senior citizens. 
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A woman’s reproductive health is not the concern of her politicians any more than it is the concern of her mail carrier. Women deserve the right to choose what is right for their bodies and their lives. Unjustly strict abortion laws are dangerous and disproportionately affect women with lower incomes from rural areas. I will bring the freedom of choice back to individuals for the safety and well being of our nation’s women. 
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Job creation is essential for improving our economy, but not all jobs are created equal. There is no reason that someone working two jobs should struggle to feed his or her family. Hard working American people deserve a universal minimum wage and equal pay for equal work. 

When we look to the future of jobs in America, we must indeed look to the future and not the past. We can no longer cling to dying industries like coal, when there is so much work to be done in improving our nation’s infrastructure and in industries such as renewable energy. 

There is no lack of work to be done, but a lack of progressive thinking to create jobs to fill these needs. As the wage gap widens, far too many Americans go without, while a select handful of Americans gain wealth beyond our wildest dreams. 

I will fight for infrastructure funding, regional training centers for trades, free preschool to all, equal pay for equal work, and a higher minimum wage. I believe these are the building blocks for a future with a smaller wage gap and higher economic prosperity for all Americans. 

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Immigration is one of the most polarizing issues facing our nation. Xenophobic fear mongering messages are far too prevalent, and those who seek asylum in America are falsely portrayed as dangerous villains out to take our jobs and harm our families. In reality, these are people who are trying to protect their own families, often from violence and extreme poverty. They want to work to provide for their children and do what they can to help the ones they love. People who brave unimaginable circumstances to come work towards the American dream are instead may be met with cruelty, more violence, and ICE officers ripping their children from their arms. This must end immediately. 

Adding to the border wall is a fruitless waste of American money, and sends a message of hate to the rest of the world, including our allies. Our nation’s resources are not limitless, but they are abundant. We need comprehensive immigration reform and channels for legal immigration. We must protect DACA and the Dreamers who have built lives in America under it. As we look to the future of immigration in this country, I will support measures that allow people to enter America legally, and that stop the horrific human rights violations being committed every day at our border and other ports of entry. 

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By now you have likely heard numerous statistics about gun violence, know each side of the gun control argument, and know how you feel about guns and gun ownership. As a rancher, I understand that there are legitimate reasons that a person would need to own a gun, and those reasons are protected under the Second Amendment of our Constitution. 

Our right to bear arms, however, cannot infringe upon our right to life any longer. Our children are rightfully scared and they deserve our protection. Politicians who are bought by the gun lobby do not fight for the safety of the American people, they fight for their own wealth. 

I will fight for common sense gun laws. Bump stocks, superfluous amounts of ammunition, and assault weapons have no place in civilian life, and have caused extreme pain and suffering in the lives of far too many Americans. The Center for Disease Control must be allowed to study gun violence as a health epidemic, we need comprehensive background checks without loopholes for gun shows, and people who have a history of violence and abuse should never have access to firearms. I will fight for that and more until gun violence is eradicated from our society and our children once again feel safe in school. 

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We work for our whole lives to provide for our families, but all too often we are unable to be by our loved ones’ sides during their times of greatest need. Infants and new parents deserve to be together during those precious first months of life. Those who are sick or injured deserve the care and comfort of a family member by their side. This is why I support the Family and Medical Insurance Leave Act, which will bring paid family and medical leave to hardworking Americans. Never again will we need to choose between providing for and being there for our loved ones. 

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 For generations, members of the LGBTQ community and our allies have fought for our civil rights, and we can not let those rights be abolished or diminished in any way. I have lived almost my entire life as an out-of-the-closet gay woman. I have lost a job for being gay. I have lost an apartment for being gay. I have been denied employment for which I was over-qualified for being gay. For many Americans, this is the price of being open about their sexuality, even today with all of the progress that previous generations have brought forth. Openly LGBTQ people are under-represented in both Houses and Congress. Marriage equality marked the dawn of a new era in America, but employment discrimination, inadequate healthcare, poverty, and violence disproportionately plague far too many gay, lesbian, bisexual, and trans people, particularly people of color. I offer my unwavering support to the LGBTQ community and support legislation that promotes the rights, safety, and health of these individuals.

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