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LGBT mortgage-broker-turned-rancher running for Congress


Barbara Sherry is a Congressional candidate for the Second District of Arizona. Her rich background as a mortgage-broker-turned-rancher gives Barbara the unique perspective of a woman who knows how to work tirelessly from sunup to sundown, and who can also understand the complicated minutia of politics. 

Barbara grew up in Hazelton, Pennsylvania, where she and her family grew her immigrant great grandfather’s mechanical engineering company into one of the largest companies of its size in that area. She grew up seeing first hand how important it is to contribute to your town, your employees and their families, your neighbors, and anyone who is going without. Service is in Barbara Sherry’s DNA. 

Barbara left college before graduation and had to make money working in a factory folding baby shirts. In her time at this factory, Barbara worked with and grew close to many immigrant women. She felt an immense respect for these women who worked their fingers to the bone to give their children the life they never had. They wanted their children to get a good education and work towards the American dream. Barbara knew then that she had to return to college and build a career that would allow her to give back to others. 

After college, Barbara worked her way through the banking and insurance industry, and over a 20-year career she worked for some of the largest banks in the world. She became well-versed in banking regulation, SEC internal regulation, and banking and security laws, eventually becoming the owner and CEO of two mortgage brokerage houses. She has closed over $440 million dollars in residential loans. Barbara’s keen attention to detail and critical thinking, along with her experience working with people trying to build their future by buying a home, are just a part of what will make her such a successful congresswoman. 

After a long successful career in the world of finance, Barbara and her partner, Starlene, built up Starbar Ranch in McNeal, Arizona. Their passion for their work was superseded only by their passion for the environment. Starbar Ranch was a pioneer in the movement to conserve water by using hydroponics to feed the animals. Barbara and her partner never used insecticides or pesticides, and all of their hay was fertilized with effective microorganisms and organic molasses.


After the passing of her partner, Starlene, Barbara felt called to action. Barbara reflected on how privileged she was to be an openly gay woman with a family who loved and accepted her partner, and that not every member of the LGBT community is as fortunate. Barbara is sickened by the erosion of rights of so many of this country’s most vulnerable people. Her hope is that the next generation will be raised with values of love and compassion, and would be honored to be a leader in this movement. 

Barbara Sherry will work day in and day out, as only a rancher knows how, for the rights of anyone in this country who feels unheard. She feels that it is her duty to speak up on behalf of the countless Americans who have their rights stripped away every day. Barbara knows that before she can speak for others, she has to listen to them first. With Barbara Sherry as your congresswoman, your voice will always be heard. about the candidate