Why is it so important to vote?

The only votes that count are the votes that are cast. It is time for your voice to be heard and your needs to be considered. The primary election for the congressperson representing the second district of Arizona is on August 28. 

Do you want a congressperson who listens before speaking on your behalf? Do you want a congressperson who puts the needs of you and your family ahead of their own personal gain? If you want to be heard, speak up now. 

Deadline to register is July 30!

My Platform

  • Medicare for all
  • Free preschool for all
  • Protect DACA
  • Lighter sentencing for non-violent drug offenses
  • Regional training centers for trades 
  • Infrastructure funding
  • Cost control on prescription drugs
  • No needless border wall expansion
  • Immigration reform
  • Opioid management and crisis centers for people who are mentally ill 
  • Paid parental and medical leave
  • Equal pay for equal work
  • Common sense gun control
  • Pro choice
  • Pro climate control

For more information, see "About Barbara"

If you don't see an issue that you are concerned about, please tweet at me (@Barb4AZCongress) and let your voice be heard.

Be a part of the movement!

You work hard for your paycheck and you should always be confident that your money is being put to good use. A campaign is an expensive endeavor, and I promise to always be transparent with my use of donation money. As a congresswoman, you can expect the very same when you trust me with your tax dollars. Any donation would help me work to become the congresswoman you deserve. Thank you so much.